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My day began with only one goal: finish my critique of the mongraph Truman's Dilemma: Invasion or The Bomb.  However, once I get it in my head to do a picspam, there really is no room for anything else.  When I first started watching Firefly, I hated all the cast members aside from Morena Baccarin and Summer Glau.  As I continued to watch and fall in love with the series, I grew to love every character and (almost) every cast member as though they were part of my immediate family.  However, I still  couldn't get the idea of a recast out of my head.  And so I decided, what the heck, picspam it is! I think I outdid my own expectations: 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau || Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

My first encounter with Nathan Fillion was as Caleb on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn't like him then, and I didn't like him when I first began watching. Eventually I came to warm up to him and am even considering watching Castle just for him. I chose Nikolaj last of all, because I was having trouble finding someone who could embody Mal's leadership qualities both both in physicality and aura - Nikolaj does a great job as Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, and he's got that air of self-confidence down to a T.

Emmanuelle Chriqui || Inara Serra

So I love Morena Baccarin. I actually considered not re-casting her because she's so awesome. Anyway, Inara is my favourite character after Zoe so I wanted to choose someone absolutely perfect for her. At first I considered Naya Rivera from Glee, but I feel like Emmanuelle Chriqui is much better suited. She's extremely sexy and sultry, but gives off a sense of kindness as well. Plus, just look at her face. She's gorgeous.

Matthew Macfadyen || Hoban "Wash" Washburne

I actually had a surprisingly difficult time recasting Wash, because even though when I first started the show Alan Tudyk just just bothered me, by the end I couldn't see Wash as anyone else. Eventually, though, I settled on Matthew. Matthew Macfadyen just makes me happy. When I see his face I think of the quaint English countryside and cottages with ivy. He's got a sweet, boyish face that's perfect for Wash's personality.

Angel Coulby || Zoe Alleyne Washburne

Ah, Zoe. Zoe is by far my favourite character. However, I just can't stand Gina Torres. She's just that breed of actress that gets on my nerves for no reason at all (along with Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre), and even by the end of the show I still couldn't stand her. She was the strongest reason for this picspam, because she was just ruining Zoe for me. At first I thought of casting Lesley-Ann Brandt, then I figured Zoe Saldana was a much better choice, and then I remembered Angel and she just fit. Angel's gorgeous but can definitely play kickass, strong, and capable. I'd love to see her in action as Zoe.

Craig Horner || Jayne Cobb

Interestingly enough, with Jayne, I think he's a funny combination between adorable and complete douchebag. I just want to see Craig play that, honestly. He was so fantastic on Legend of the Seeker, bringing out so many different facets of his character's personality, that I know he'd just be amazing at giving Jayne depth and making him a sympathetic character.

Danny Glover || Shepherd Derrial Book

I was almost going to not recast Shepherd at all, not because of any love for the actor (although I love him loads) but because I came to the shameful realization that I really don't know all that many older, male black actors. Eventually I looked up 'male black actors' on IMDB and Danny Glover was on that list and I went, "of course!" I first saw Danny Glover in The Colour Purple and have loved him ever since. He just fits, too, you know? I like the picture I chose in particular, because it really just seems like he's inserted into the Firefly world.

Emilie de Ravin || Kaylee Frye

Not much to say here except that Emilie is adorable and has the best accent. Originally I was going to cast Jane Levy as Kaylee, but then I remembered Emilie and I realized she was a much better fit.

Joseph Morgan || Dr. Simon Tam

I love this casting decision. I think Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor and he'd make a great Simon. As Klaus on The Vampire Diaries he plays a moody thousand-year old vampire with a range of emotions - he'll have no problem portraying a responsible, broody (and with good reason) doctor. Plus his smile makes you melt, and he can play the badass really well, which is required of Simon at times.

Dakota Blue Richards || River Tam

I really want to call this casting decision inspired, but I won't. I just adore Dakota Blue Richards and I think she's got the perfect face to play River. She's got this ethereal, pixie-like look about her, and she just looks like her head is in the clouds. To play the unstable River, you need a specific type of actress, and beautiful waif-like Dakota is that.
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