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Say what you will about Lorena Krasiki, the girl knew style.  Incidentally, I really loved Lorena as a character, because she was one of the most fascinating things about True Blood (and anything that makes Bill unhappy makes me happy).  I was extremely upset when she was killed, mostly because I had been hoping we'd get flashbacks about her life with Istvan and what happened to turn a nature-loving, Austrian nun-in-training into a sadomasochistic psychopath.  Lorena's absolute devotion to Bill Compton, despite his spurning her multiple times, and their violent relationship, is one of the most disturbing things of all.  That is Lorena's tragedy, however: she is, as Bill said, the saddest, loneliest creature you could ever hope to come across.  She loves Bill deeply and she is so lonely that she would go back to a person whose first reaction upon seeing her is to set her on fire.  I don't care how good the sex is: at some point, you need to draw the line, and I believe being set on fire by your significant other is that line.  But all that and more is what makes her fascinating. 

Back to the fashion.  Seriously, bitch knows how to dress.  Everything she wears is stylish and gorgeous, and I could not help but be mesmerized by almost every single outfit Lorena Krasiki wore.  This picspam is a tribute to her as well as her amazing sense of style.  May you and your fashion sense live on long in our hearts, you demented psychopath.  

The Button-Up Raiment/Petticoat

"Take me in you. Feel me in you. We are together, William. Forever! You are mine!"

The Southern Belle

"There's our world, and theirs. Between lies only suffering."

The Flapper

"We could all fuck prohibition somewhat further."

The Green Gown

"I gave you everything! Everything and you've thrown it away, moaning over what you've lost. You disgust me."

The Morticia Addams Frock

"Shame I didn't turn you. Then again... you're not really my type."

The Fuchsia Nightgown

"It's true. You're in love with a human. That's so tragic, it's funny."

The Red Femme Fatale Dress

"There's no excuse for domestic violence."

The Jockey

"I'm fine. I'll heal in a minute."

The Black Lace Beauty

"You gave me your word."

The Adorned Robe

"Your only loyalty is to your own sentiment. It's your great failing."

The Sequined Shift

"Yes, Bill, your behavior is somewhat...erratic."

The Ruffled Ensemble (version 1)

"I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat."

The Ruffled Ensemble (version 2)

"I am NOT Istvan!"

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