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Finally! A picspam has never taken me this long before - it's been almost two weeks. Part of it was that I was looking for the perfect screencaps (and I found them, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rawr_caps , but part of it was also that it was agonizing to choose only ten episodes as my favourites, and deign some of them to be honourable mentions only. Agonizing. I love Legend of the Seeker so much, and practically every single episode is amazing, so choosing ten out of forty-four was extremely difficult.

I was debating whether to include this episode or include it with the honourable mentions. Everyone loves it, and I thought I was on that bandwagon, but when I rewatched it, I was kind of "meh" about it. There are still parts to love, though - Kahlan going into the Con Dar is always awesome, learning about Cara's past, seeing Cara vulnerable, Flynn and Zedd's adventure.

Confessor!Kahlan was one of the best things that ever happened to this show, seriously. I loved that woman and she really needed to be around much, much longer. She was so fierce and badass and blunt - such a departure from the Kahlan we know, but definitely closer to Book!Mother Confessor!Kahlan. And Emo!Kahlan was hilarious, obvs ("You had your hands all over him!").

This episode threw me off my game. At first I was only going to have five top episodes, and have five honourable mentions. For some strange reason this episode had completely slipped my mind, and as I was looking at screencaps of it, I decided to watch it. And I realized that it was too awesome to simply be an honourable mention. There are so many things to love about this episode - seeing Darken Rahl again, Cara talking to the nightwisp and smiling so much, the brotherly dynamic between Richard and Darken Rahl as they fought beside one another, the return of Ren.

OMG LOL THIS EPISODE. SO MUCH LULZ. I love episodes that make me laugh just as much as episodes that make me think, and boy, did this episode make me laugh.

Oh. This episode. This episode is...twisted, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking. It has so many possibilities, so many things to explore. I loved Darken Rahl and Kahlan as King and Queen and I so wish their dynamic had been explored more fully (should have been a two hour finale, that one). I love the deeper, darker insight we get into Kahlan's personality here, as a woman who is willing to sacrifice her own child to get the Seeker back where he belongs. And then, a woman who is willing to kill her own child to save the world. There are many intricacies to what Kahlan might have and could have done with regards to her situation, and each one is more complicated than the last. In addition to Kahlan, Darken Rahl's treatment of her is even more fascinating. He seemed to be falling more in love with her by the day, while she only continued to despise him (or did she?) and was truly grieved when he had to kill her. This episode also explores a whole lot of intriguing moral and psychological concepts - was the world really that much worse without Richard there? Were Kahlan's actions those of a not-so-sane woman? Was Darken Rahl truly the evil tyrant we were made to think he was? SO MUCH INTRIGUE HERE. There's no end to how much this episode can be discussed and written about.

Like I said, I love episodes that make me laugh, and I've watched Princess probably only as many times as I've watched Reckoning. Cara pretty much stole this episode, but let's not forget about Kahlan being a total badass. And Richard with blonde hair. And Zedd as a woman. And a whole other host of things that make this episode practically Friends worthy.

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