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At first I felt David was a really weird choice for Zeus. He popped into my mind unbidden, and my first thought was, "Wait, WTF?" but then as I continued to consider that he was actually the perfect choice (in my head, at least)! He's got tons of charisma, and if you look at him a certain way you can even see arrogance, which Zeus has plenty of. He's quite handsome and sexy and looks like the kind of guy who could easily be a womanizer, so, yeah, David it is.
Who better to play a queen, really? I've never heard Natalie speak in real life, but arrogance just pours off her face. Her eyes and facial features convey the high-mindedness and collected manner of the aristocracy. I've never liked Hera much; she always seemed way too vengeful for my liking, and so I think Natalie could portray that wrath nicely.
I had a lot of trouble with Poseidon. At first I thought Colin Firth would suit him, but as I looked at pictures of Colin Firth (you wouldn't believe how difficult those are to find, by the way), it just didn't fit. In my head, Poseidon has a sort of elegance that is balanced with an easygoing, fun-loving nature. Jack Shephard Matthew conveys that wonderfully. He's got an easy manner and a great smile, but he can also be quite serious and intimidating.
At first I had Melanie all set out to be Persephone, but something changed. I just kept looking at her, trying to see Persephone, and I couldn't. I think Melanie could better portray Hestia's sweet, humble nature. She's got that air about her, Melanie; for some reason I can't picture her being so angry she completely loses it.
I think Athena gave me the most trouble. I'm not even sure I'm fully satisfied with my choice now - after seeing Black Swan I feel better about it, though. Natalie is an incredible actress, and she could easily play a wise, slightly haughty actress. She could easily be elegant and strong and speak slowly and calmly.
Scarlett Johanssen had always been my choice for Aphrodite, but Christina is just gorgeous, wouldn't you say? I mean, makeup or no makeup, she's seductive and sultry and beautiful. And she has such a sweet, inviting smile!

Now, I happen to think Matthew Rhys is quite handsome, but I still wanted to choose him for Hephaestus. He was the easiest one to cast, for some reason. I dunno, I just feel like Matthew is Hephaestus. Don't ask me to explain this one.
Colin just has that look about him, you know? He looks very street. He's kind of like Johnathan Rhys Meyers in that he looks like he's perpetually angry about something, and since Ares is the God of War, I figured this was a good choice. I didn't choose Jonathan just because I don't think his physique is really suited to a God of War. Colin is much more...not buff, because Jonathan is buff, but just...thicker. >.>
He was what got me started on this picspam! I was watching Rupert Grint in Wild Target (an amazing movie which you should all go see) and thought to myself, "Wow, he would make a fantastic Apollo." I think Rupert has grown up a lot since the HP movies and gotten so much more handsome. He's a fabulous actor and his red hair and blue eyes leave me in awe, every time. It seemed fitting that he should be ginger/golden haired, since Apollo represents the Sun.
Beautiful yet unattainable, eh? I usually have a rule when I do picspams, that I should never cast an actor/actress whom I have not seen act. I made an exception for Rachel because I think she makes a fantastic Artemis. Like I said, she's beautiful and sexy and appealing, but she has an air of toughness about her. She looks like a girl who can rough it, despite her pretty, pouty lips.
At first Hermes was going to be Oliver/James Phelps, but I couldn't find photos. -___- So I decided to forgo that decision and search for another Hermes - Neil Patrick Harris crossed my mind, but then Colin Morgan did, and I easily chose the latter over the former. First of all, Colin has that skinny, lanky, light physique I imagine Hermes, as a thief and a...flier (>.<) would have. Second, he looks like a trickster. He's just one of those people who seems shifty, but not in a bad way, in a way that you would expect him to pull a friendly prank on you any day now.
Who better, really, as the God of revelry and drunken fun? I don't think this needs explanation (or at least, I don't have a better one).

I've always thought Elizabeth Mitchell looked maternal for some reason. It has nothing to do with Juliet Burke being an OB/GYN, I swear, it's just that Elizabeth gives off this sense that she'd fit well in a forest (look at that middle picture, she looks like she's in her element). She looks like she could be a mother to Persephone, doesn't she?
Zach has always been my Hades, ever since I saw him play Sylar. He is such an amazing actor; he has the ability to look like he's a minion of Lucifer, but then he can also look like he's be perfectly at home tending to kittens, which is sort of who I see Hades, who happens to be my favorite God. He's intimidating, calm, haughty, morbid, and self-righteous, but he is also insecure, has a tiny bit of an inferiority complex, and is slightly awkward with women (I've pretty much put Hades on a pedestal, okay). Zach would just be so perfect for Hades; I can't even explain it. He just isHades - I never see anyone else when I picture the Lord of the Dead.
Persephone! Like I said, at first I was going to cast Melanie Laurent, but I realized that not only did she give off a different temperament than what I have in mind for Persephone, but she's also too old. I picture the Goddess of Spring in a perpetual state of teenagery or very early twenties. Candice has got a lot of spunk, which I've always thought Persephone possessed. You see, in my personal versions of the Greek myths, Hades didn't technically kidnap Persephone; she might have had a bit of a hand in the whole thing too. I don't know why I think this, maybe I love Hades too much, or maybe I read too much Kate McMullan as a child, but I never believed that Hades really kidnapped Persephone (look at me, debating the veracity of a myth). Anyway, Candice is pretty and young and bright and fresh and embodies Spring quite nicely.

+ In case you're wondering, the teaser graphic is The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, who was a brilliant and ridiculously talented man.

+ My friend [livejournal.com profile] indefiance has done this very same picspam right here.  Check it out!

+If you enjoy this and enjoy picspams, please, watch the community! Getting more watchers always makes me very happy.

+I've got my own Tumblr over here but I don't mind other people posting the graphics to their own Tumblrs. Just, you know, link back to this community or to my Tumblr. Or some form of credit.

+Yes, speaking of credit: please don't claim these images as your own.
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