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From what I've read about Alison Brie, she's nothing like her character Annie on Community. She's totally wild and crazy, actually, but she manages to be quite adorable at the same time, and I love her for it. Plus, her sex appeal is off the charts.


She's here for very superficial reasons. I barely know anything about her, but she does a great Jessica Hamby and she is so. freaking. gorgeous. That red hair makes me want to rip my own out (although Deborah is actually a natural blonde, funnily enough, and dyes her hair strawberry blonde).


I was never one of those people who thought she couldn't act. I thought her acting was fine - maybe a tad weak at times, but fine all the same. She certainly did a fantastic job in DH last November - her performance was amazing (certainly blew Dan's out of the water). Emma is gorgeous, sophisticated, intelligent (she goes to Brown University), and has got her priorities right, in my opinion (anyone who pursues their education first and foremost is in my good books).


I got into Legend of the Seeker really, really late. I started it sometime last year, but because the first three episodes are complete crap, I almost dropped the show. Because Bridget Regan is so pretty, and because the show's premise is right up my alley, I convinced myself to give the fourth episode a try - this was two days ago. I am now up to episode 10 and I could not love this show more. I adore Kahlan Amnell, Bridget's character, and perhaps that is why Bridget is here, because I know nothing about her. All I know is that she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and she just deserved a spot here.


I've been in love with Gillian Anderson since I was fourteen and first got into The X-Files. I started with watching seasons 6-9 sporadically as it aired on TV in Egypt and I was head over heels with Dana Scully, which eventually translated to a love for Gillian. Now that I'm back in the states, I've been watching the show in order and my love for Gillian has been re-ignited. I think she's probably one of the most underrated actresses out there. She's so talented and so beautiful and it's such a shame she's not more mainstream.


I was floored with Carey's performance in An Education because she was fucking brilliant. No other words for it. And she is so adorable (look at that smile!). I have yet to see Never Let Me Go, but only because I want to read the book first.


I will be the first to admit that Katie's acting needs a lot of work. Most of the time her performance as Morgana makes me cringe because it's always so awkward. However, she is so beautiful. I look at her and think to myself, "How can any one person look this fantastic?" Despite her not-so-great acting skills, I'd still see her in anything she appears in, just to see that face. Plus, Katie herself is really funny and adorkable!


I first saw Emma on Superbad, which was a film I really wish I could extract from my mind, because it was utter crap. Emma still registered on me as a really pretty redhead, but like everyone else, she didn't really show up on my radar until I saw Easy A. I wholeheartedly believe that Emma deserves whatever awards she gets for the film, because she was brilliant. I love that she's an atypical beauty, I love her read hair (but she looks good blonde too), and I love her attitude.


She's not here just because I'm in love with Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. Nina can act. It astounds me how she always manages to make Katerina and Elena two different people - she plays them with completely different energies, different manners of speaking (Elena's voice is slow and hoarse, while Katerina kind of slurs her words), different attitudes. I never felt that her Elena was sliding into her Katerina or vice versa. Besides her talent, she's beautiful. I mean, for the first time in my life, I can appreciate being a brunette with dark eyes (just a little, but still, it's a milestone), and that's because of Nina. I really hope that after The Vampire Diaries she has a continually successful career, because she so deserves it.

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