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I've seen her in a bunch of things, most recently Heroes (where I loved Niki Sanders). There's just something about her, her smile, that makes me happy. And of course, she's a gorgeous and fantastic actress.

I've only seen her in Skins, but she's fabulous, and she's one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. I can't wait to see her in more projects.

I seriously think she would have made a better Luna Lovegood than Evanna Lynch. The way she portrayed Cassie Ainsworth on Skins was excellent. This girl really knows how to act.

I've actually never seen Gilmore Girls, but I've seen Heroes. Milo's hot. 'Nuff said.

Well, what's not to love about Zooey? She acts, she sings, her sense of style is fabulous, she's just lovely.

I don't know if it's because her time has come and gone or because she's simply unpopular, but I rarely see Winona talked about or featured in picspams. Personally, I love her, always have. I think she's gorgeous and a fantastic actress. I fell totally in love with her when I watched Edward Scissorhands, although I'd seen her around before. Then I saw Dracula and became even more smitten. When I saw her in Star Trek, I couldn't stop smiling!

Nobody, nobody, could have played Juliet better. And Juliet is my favorite character of all time, in TV, books, and movies. And Elizabeth simply nailed the character. She makes her a goddess to me. I love all the mannerisms Elizabeth gave to Juliet - the pensive gaze, the sly smile, the eyebrow raise. She's a very versatile actress and very, very down-to-earth.

I just love this woman to death, and sadly she is one of the most underrated actresses out there. She's pretty and talented, use her! I first saw her in Disco Pigs, starring alongside Cillian Murphy, and I thought she was absolutely brilliant. I watched Harper's Island because I knew she was in it (it turned out to be a fantastic show all its own, but still). And she's so radiantly beautiful. Not typically, Hollywood glamorous beauty, either. She's got a very quiet, ethereal, childlike beauty about her.

She's so awesome. I couldn't see what all the fuss was about until I saw her on Star Trek. She's gorgeous and fabulous and fierce. She's got so much spunk as an actress.

The man of the hour! It's really a shame he's not in more things. I've seen him in Heroes as the infamous Sylar and as Spock on Star Trek. I've become quite obsessed with him recently. But I just can't help it! He's just so good-looking and sexy (seriously, when I first saw him on Heroes I couldn't turn away for all the raw sexual magnetism). Also, he seems very intelligent and is extremely, extremely articulate. He comes off as very down-to-earth and well-spoken in interviews, and he appears to be a genuinely nice person.
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